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March 1, 2022

Dear friends,

Dear friends,

On Tuesday, February 22nd I had the opportunity to give “a moment of inspiration” to the Dekalb County Board of Commissioners. Below is what I shared with them, and I thought it would be a good reminder for us as well. We must always remember that we are to bring others along with us on the journey. I have a friend who is an author. His writing style and genre is pretty unique, and I don’t think it really has a name, but after reading a lot of his stuff I call it Near Future Science Fiction. I’ll give you a couple of examples. His first really substantial thing he published was in 2017 in the New Yorker, and it was about a billionaire CEO who spent everything he had to go to space if that story sounds familiar. Another one he wrote very early on was about how advances in genetic technology made it possible to clone extinct animals, and they made a dwarf woolly mammoth, about the size of a dog. And I swear to you a few years after reading that short story, there was an article about how scientists were getting close to doing this exact same thing. He has this ability to take scientific possibility and tease it out to see what the real implications might be in the near future. Like holograms taking over for service industry jobs, or seemingly innocuous reasons people time travel. I bring this up, because there seem to be some in our world who have the ability to see into the near future, or who have inside information. They can’t see much further than the rest of the population, but because of their intelligence or their position, they can see just a little further, and that can make all the difference. That can make a design a great decision. It can also be really useful for the individual. Like what if people who trade on the market were able to see just a little further ahead of all of their other colleagues. I don’t understand a lot about the financial sector, but I think there are actual companies set up that claim they can do this. The trouble though, I think, is that those who have the insider knowledge, or who can see into the near future, mostly use it for personal gain, instead of public good. We’ve heard those stories, the ones who draw the maps get the best piece of land. The businesses that know where the best real estate is GOING to be, go ahead and buy it before its price doubles. When I received the invitation to come speak to the board of commissioners, this was the first thought that came into my head. Because I think you have those abilities. Based on where you sit, and the information you have access to, I believe you all have an interesting ability to see just a little farther than everyone else. And so, I’m hoping, that because you can see farther, that you will turn around and help everyone else see it too. That you want to bring folks along, and not just angle for a few. Because that is what Jesus did. He saw further, so he gathered disciples and pointed out the way and told them how to get there. And he told everyone who asked what he saw. So much so and so many times that Paul wrote, NOTHING separates us from the love of Christ. That is my hope for you, and for these meetings. That you will see clearly, and you will bring others along with you into where we are going.



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