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The seeds for Embry Hills United Methodist Church were planted on Easter Sunday in 1961 by 32 founders. Their mission statement read: “There is a need for a church that will provide worship, education, help to the needy, and to preach the ‘Good News of the Kingdom of God.’ ” The founders had a vision for Embry Hills that looked beyond the current needs of their then small congregation. Their foresight has allowed our church to prosper and grow and to expand its ministries into areas that were unimagined in 1961.

Over the past 60 years, our congregation has provided the means to build our church campus, and we now have a pressing need to renovate and update to carry on the founders’ vision. That focus includes maintaining and upgrading our physical plant to keep up with our plans to expand our Kindergarten into an all-day school, meet ADA requirements, and continue to invite more groups and organizations into this sacred space. These needed improvements consist largely of major capital projects that have been deferred due to a lack of resources.


The Finance Committee is embarking on a Capital Campaign with a goal of raising $600,000 over the next two years. Over the next few weeks, you will read and hear from other members why they are supporting the Campaign. Also, you are invited to attend a Town Hall Informational Session followed by a meal in the Family Life Center to learn more and ask questions.

As we continue building and expanding the ministry that our founders began in 1961, we ask for your prayers and support that the Campaign will be a success.


Yours in Christ,

Jim McGarrah
Capital Campaign Committee

Jim Deichert

Chair Finance Committee Chair


Save the Dates:

Town Hall Information Session
Sunday, May 1 at Noon
Complimentary, catered dinner/lunch in the Family Life Center.


Celebration Sunday

Sunday, May 15 during Worship Service
Complimentary, catered lunch in the Family Life Center to follow.

Reservations Closed
Reservations Closed

Facilities Requirements:

Facilities Requirements

Repave Rear Parking Lot

  • Includes milling and laying concrete pad for dumpsters and garbage truck to lessen impact on lot.

Renovate Education Building

  • Make bathrooms ADA compliant

  • Replace worn-out carpet.

  • Upgrades for full-day preschool.

Roof Replacement

  • Entire building except education wing.

Improve Campus Security

  • Upgrade existing burglar alarm system.

  • Install cameras.

  • Install new door lock\entry system.

Playground Remodel and Drainage Repair

  • Repair drainage issue to prevent flooding of Chapel.

  • Replace worn out playground equipment.


  • Replace worn out carpet throughout entire building including Sanctuary.

Tax-Advantaged Giving Ideas:

  • Appreciated stock or mutual fund donation.

  • Required Minimum Distribution as a qualified charitable contribution.


If either of these situations apply to you, discuss with your tax advisor or attend
one of the Town Hall information sessions.

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