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Small groups have always been at the heart of Wesleyan practices. These classes meet on Sunday mornings at 9:45 am. All welcome visitors. To get more ideas about which group you'd fit into best, contact the pastor.

Foundations Class — Room 401

A group of late ’20s to late 40’s eager to discuss the theological implications of current events. Contact Jordan Thrasher at


Vision Class — Room 207

A diverse community (the 30s–50s) with a discussion-based class that welcomes a variety of theological opinions. Contact John Hepler at; or Jane Sinner at              


Joyful Class — Room 410

Open to adults of all ages, this class enjoys studying the Bible and engaging books and discussing how they relate to everyday life. Teachers alternate in leading discussions and providing their interpretations. Class begins each Sunday by singing favorite old songs. Contact Bill Jernigan at  

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