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October 17, 2023

Dear friends,

I just recently learned the term, “The Sunday Scaries.” It is the feeling of dread at the start of a long work week. I understand how this can happen, as my own family runs around like crazy on a Sunday trying to get everything lined up for the week. We make sure homework is done, the house is clean, lunches are made for the week, backpacks are cleaned out, and we try to get everything lined up to have the best week possible; but it makes for a busy day.

What really throws us off is the interruptions, like a holiday weekend or added event. Even if it is seemingly extra time, or something we look forward to doing, an interruption to the schedule ramps up the pressure on Sundays. But a tenant I have always held in my ministry is that Jesus thrived in the interruptions. It was in the interruptions that we learned some of the most important things about Jesus and his ministry. He asks a woman for a drink at the well. He is challenged by a lawyer. Or someone grabs the hem of his cloak to be healed.

A lot of the best ministry happens in the interruptions. A stranger comes into our lives, or we go to a place to meet someone new. I constantly have to remind myself, that interruptions to my routine may just be the nudging of the Holy Spirit. To see people in a new way, and to participate in God doing a new thing. We may be interrupted by new people coming to church or starting attending a small group for the first time, or a change in giving patterns. As long as we keep our hearts open to God, I trust we will thrive in God’s grace.



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