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July 12, 2022

Dear friends,

All three of my girls are at Camp Glisson this week. This is the first time this has happened for us, as we’ve usually had to have them at camp at different times based upon their schedules and age group, but this year they are all there the same week.

My family loves Camp Glisson. That is where my wife and I met, where we both worked during college, and have returned many times over for reunions, retreats, and now with our children going to Camp Glisson together. We’ve seen a lot of changes! Almost every building is new to us. They had just begun working on replacing all of the cabins when we were finishing out our time as campers there. Now there is a new dining hall, chapel, pool, waterfront activity, and even a new bridge!

I have such good memories of that place and want my children and all the children in the church who have been going to camp throughout the summer to have good memories. And I know it will not be the same as mine. How could it be? I started going there 30 years ago, and everything has changed. They still have some of the same things, but not all of it. Fashion has changed, and trends have changed. One of the things I like about Camp Glisson is that is constantly holding fast to traditions that people like me and my daughters can both have memories of, but they are going to have new ones and create their own and leave their imprint on Camp Glisson in a new way.

This is the beauty of intergenerational ministry and leadership. So many times, we think that passing things on to the younger generation is teaching them exactly how it was for us and then they do it the same way. Very early on in the history of the church, we learned that is not how it is supposed to be done. Yes, hold onto the tentpoles of faith, but listen to the people learn to lead in new ways.

I am so excited to hear my girls’ stories from camp. I know they won’t be like the memories I treasure, but it will be theirs. I am so grateful that God continues to speak in new ways to new people, all the time.



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