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EHUMC offers opportunities and groups for spiritual growth. Bible study, prayer and outreach ministries, Reconciling Ministries Network and many more. Find out more on our active outreach programs and how our church can support you and your spiritual needs.




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Ministries are the way that a church does good works in the world. At EHUMC we host community blood drives, Snax Sax, support for grieving children, and more. See how our church supports our community and our world, and find ways you can get involved.


We wanted to show our daughters that when something is important in life, you should DO things to show its importance, not just talk about it. We’re involved in activities at Embry Hills because it makes us happy and it is important.
Carolyn S.
Embry Hill Youth is a beautiful, safe place where I can be myself with my brothers and sisters in Christ. The Youth group at Embry Hills is like having another family.
Caitlyn D. & Allyn W.
The activities for kids are just so rich and have helped my kids grow spiritually. We are fortunate and blessed to be a part of Embry Hills and have our kids be part of KidzTown, choir and all the family activities.
Julie G.
I have served in a number of other churches and Embry Hills is really a place where you can experience a sense of authentic community and support and love for each other.
Rhett B.


We at EHUMC believe that having open hearts, open minds and open doors means we are called to share God's welcome with all people. We are a community where believers, seekers and doubters of every race, ethnicity, age, ability, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status and political affiliation are valued as beloved children of God. We believe that Jesus taught of God's love and acceptance for all which we seek to embody through our actions, prayers, service, witness and discipleship.