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Tom Stowe


Jean and I moved into the Embry Hills area in June of 1967. Being lifelong Methodists, we sought the closest Methodist church which turned out to be Embry Hills UMC. We joined in July of 1967. We immediately became assimilated into the programs of the church: Sunday School, youth activities, chancel choir, UMW, UMM, and administrative board. We also participated in church-sponsored sports programs: boys basketball, men’s basketball, women’s softball, men’s softball, bowling league, men’s annual golf tournament, and bridge club.

We remain active in the Joyful Sunday School Class, and I am currently playing mandolin and singing with the Altar Egos. This group is composed of church members who are dedicated to performing bluegrass and gospel music. We perform in church services several times a year.

This church has been an important part of the lives of its members since the beginning. A number of capital campaigns have been conducted in the past as the need arose, and they were all successful in providing for our facilities, the congregation, and our outreach ministries. The time has now come to take care of the repairs and replacements needed.

We are supporting the campaign.

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