September 6, 2022

Updated: Sep 20

Dear friends,

Laura Briscoe, our wonderful Church and Building Administrator was meeting with Linda Jimenez-Abrams, our (new!) wonderful Children’s Minister and told her, “You are probably getting here at both the worst and best time possible.” It’s intimidating because it feels like EVERYTHING is starting right now. We have our homecoming service and event on September 18th. We have a major church vote on September 11th. Mid-Week Fellowship is starting back up on September 7th, with handbells and choir going, with youth and children…but it’s the best time because we can shape what all of these things are going to be, and what they look like.

It is a lot, but it is also so exciting. It will be another touch point in the week where we will get to see one another, share a meal, and listen for God’s voice together. In John Wesley’s meetings, he encouraged one another that the first questions churches should ask one another are, “How is it with your soul? Where have the challenges been? Where have the joys been? What would you like to be held accountable for?” Imagine if these were the focus of our times together! They are tough questions, but how often do we get to hear them asked of us? Whenever we buy something at a store, they don’t ask this question. Maybe they do in therapists' offices, but our church is a place where we can ask these questions of one another and grow in spiritual depth.

This is the good stuff. I love a lot of things about church. I love the songs. I love preaching. I love working with the children and youth. I love doing mission projects. But the thing I love most is getting to know one another in grace and forgiveness. Seeing people open up and lives transformed because our church is a place that cares deeply about them and who God is calling them to be. A lot is happening all around us, but it’s the best time because we can grow into who God made us to be.



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