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September 27, 2022

Dear friends,

There was a law passed in the UK recently that I one hundred percent want to see pass in our own country. In fact, I think it might need to be one of the most worldwide laws possible. The law is that all devices have to have the same charging system. So no more new charging bricks, or searching for a million different cables to find the one you need. I cannot tell you how many times I search through a bag of wires to find the right cable, and inevitably try to put it in upside down. I feel like it's a corporate conspiracy that everything is made with its own unique charging cable.

With everything going wireless, batteries and their need for “juice” have become ubiquitous. We even become very dramatic about our batteries. They don’t run out, they DIE! With this being such an ever-present force in our lives, it's no surprise that we begin to think that we also run on batteries. This understanding has created a culture where we push ourselves hard when we have energy until we don’t, and then we recharge. This happens in a lot of ways, both healthy and unhealthy, but our life rhythms have begun to mirror our machines.

I know this goes back to the industrial revolution, but it seems particularly present now. It is my hope that as a faith community, we can break that mindset, and understand that we do not run on batteries, we are tapped into an endless power source in the Holy Spirit. So even though our energies ebb and flow, we are always upheld and sustained by the Holy Spirit. I pray, then, that we do not become discouraged or feel drained by the calling of the Holy Spirit, because we have our own energy source constantly with us.



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