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September 12, 2023

My dear friends,

When I was in college, I had this theory. I believed that whenever you were going through something big, you could will your body to stay healthy. But after you finished whatever it was, you would get sick. I thought this because I would always get sick almost as soon as I finished my last exam or term paper (It probably had nothing to do with me staying up all hours of the night and eating terribly at weird hours…) My theory was that you could hold sickness at bay, but when you were relaxed because you had finished, it would all come flooding in. Like clockwork, I would get sick after exams but would remain pretty healthy during the semester.

As a church, we just went through a lot of big things. We celebrated Victoria and her wonderful ministry. We have been baptizing and people have been joining. We saw the youth witness to their faith through the ministry of Camp Glisson. Our volunteers have been working incredibly hard to provide a nurturing, discipling environment for our children; and providing hospitality for all of the guests who have come through. It has taken a lot of energy and a lot of hours from a lot of people.

We’ve been through something big, so I hope we can pay attention to how we are feeling. Are we energized by everything going on? Are we feeling tired and need a few moments of rest? There are going to be a lot of opportunities coming up this fall. Opportunities to settle and learn. Opportunities to grow and draw closer with one another. I hope that we do not fall away, but show up to care for one another as we keep witnessing what God is doing.



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