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March 22, 2022

Dear friends,

On Sunday it was announced that we are undertaking a Capital Funds campaign at Embry Hills, and it is themed, Continuing Our Story. We want to first acknowledge from where we come. We come from a dedicated group of people who helped start our church. Who met in an elementary school while buildings were being built, and through time and effort made it possible for us to be here today? While acknowledging that, we also recognize the need for us to care for some things around the church campus so we can continue the story of Embry Hills UMC into the places God is calling us.

The Biblical story that keeps coming to mind is the collection Paul keeps talking about in many of his letters. The story behind that is that for every church Paul is starting, there is always another place to go. Particularly, Paul is called to Spain, to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ, and so he takes up a collection from every church he starts so that the story continues, and the news continues to spread.

Embry Hills has an amazing history. The faithfulness of its members and community is awe-inspiring to help create a unique church community to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. As the world is transformed, and Embry Hills continues to listen faithfully to God’s call, we are in need of that same energy. That we do not build buildings and maintain them for ourselves, but so that we can continue to follow where Christ is leading.

So, my question that I ask myself during my devotionals as I think about this Capital Campaign is, “Where is my Spain?” What is the horizon of the ministry of Embry Hills UMC? Is it the establishment of a full-day preschool? Is it a place that houses non-profits serving every day in the community? Is it a hub for schools and community members to come together and build something great? Is it a place that literally feeds the hungry and gives water to the thirsty? Is it a place to quench the world’s thirst for justice in whatever forms it presents itself?

To me, this is not just another time the church is asking for money. This is a moment for us to respond to God’s call. I am hoping that through this campaign and in the projects being done that we will free up our imagination and creativity so that when the invitation comes, we can say yes without hesitation.



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