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March 21, 2023

We are three weeks into our humble journey to the cross. In my own personal life, there haven’t been as many things as humbling as having knee surgery. In November 2019, I had what is called a tibial tubercle transfer. They took all of the tendons in my knee and moved them over so it would line up my knee that had gone crooked. I was bedridden for several weeks and was non-weight bearing on my right leg for 12 weeks. I continued to have to wear a brace for a time after that. But in those first few weeks, I could do very little for myself, or for my family.

One of those days, I completely broke down. I was in so much pain and was so tired, and so frustrated that I lost it. I didn’t think I was ever going to get better. But Meredith, my wife, at that moment said, “you’re doing great, let me help you.”

I think about her words a lot, especially during this season of Lent. When I get overwhelmed, with sadness at the state of our climate and world. With unending war, and growing gaps between seemingly everyone. I know also that many of you are going through tough situations as I did, and that diagnosis and injury can come at any time. I try to think of Jesus telling us those words, “you’re doing great, let me help you.” I don’t care what you have done and left undone, I don’t care about accolades or failures, you’re doing great, let me help you.

Sometimes what we truly need in our lives is to let our guard down with someone who loves us. We need to let our guard down with someone we trust. I found in my state of knee injury that I needed a lot of help. We all do. And in this season, I hope we can all hear the voice, “you’re doing great, let me help you.”



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