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June 28, 2022

Dear friends,

Coming up in July, we are going to have camp meeting. If you’ve never been to a camp meeting, they are deep within the Methodist tradition, though most of the campgrounds have since gone independent of the local church. Camp meeting was a time to get together as families and have worship services, eat together, play games, swim, etc. It was like family summer camp.

I always loved going to camp meeting as a kid. It’s where I learned to play a lot of card games. The worship services are different too. They are a little more informal. More of that “old time religion” kind of feel. So we are going to take a break from robes, etc… which is quite convenient for me as it gets hot in those things during July!

I am also going to be doing a sermon series called, “The Home Edit.” My family loves watching this Netflix show, where these two women started this company that uses a specific organization technique to free up space in people’s homes. They have good categories, and while watching it one day I realized that the book of James has a lot to say about how to organize our faith life. So, we will be reading major passages in the book of James, and going over how to organize our faith, it should be a fun time together!

Summer is a great time to reorganize and reprioritize. In these first few weeks, I’ve realized how much of our time moving took out of us last summer! I am so glad not to be moving this year and getting some breathing room to reassess things. I hope you are getting those times, too, as we continue to grow as a church, together.



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