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December 21, 2021

Dear friends,

We are getting down to the wire. That is the message I have been hearing consistently over these past few days. I am getting notices from online retailers telling me that if I order within the next day or two, they can guarantee Christmas delivery. I am receiving solicitations from non-profits and other organizations that are still trying to meet their 2021 fund-raising goal. It seems like we all are making our lists and checking them twice.

I recently learned from a friend how to do a Rubik’s cube. I’ve always been curious about it. So I sat down and took a little while to try and learn. Like all things, solving a Rubik’s cube can be learned. There are moves you can make situationally to get you where you need to go. But the ending is VERY hard. As you solve each layer it gets harder and harder to do what you need to do without messing up what you’ve already done. And what is more, while you are doing the moves to finish, you feel like you are messing everything up, you just have to follow the instructions, and trust that it will all work out.

With so many expectations loaded onto Christmas, and so many added because we could not have our Christmas Eve services last year, we have been working very hard to make sure that it is a joyous celebration. The 5 pm service is going to be wonderfully loud and fun. The 11 pm is going to be deeply meaningful. AND the service on the 26th is going to be spontaneous and joyous. I hope you are planning to come. But as we live with the expectations of what these services are and could be and have been, let us trust, ultimately, that God is there. We are welcoming our Messiah. We are reflecting on what Incarnation means in our own lives and in our world. To all those who are taking part in our services, and there are a lot of you, thank you. To all those who are planning on coming, we are honored by your presence. But as we are coming down to the wire, I pray that we can all look up from our busyness, and trust in the glory of God shining through. I am so excited to celebrate with you.



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