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August 30, 2022

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Dear friends,

I don’t usually try and make announcements in these weekly articles. I really try to give a glimpse into what God is doing in the life of our church, and in the world. But we have been working all of 2022 on changing our administrative structure at the church to what is known as the Simple Accountability Structure. I’ve tried to go to as many groups as I can to share what this structure is and how it could possibly work for our church. We are at a point now where we can take a vote, as a church, if we are going to change over to this structure in the coming year.

On September 11th, immediately following worship we will hold a Called Church Conference (where every member of the church has both voice and vote) meeting where the only item on the agenda will be whether or not we want to change to the Simple Accountability Structure. We have been given permission by the District Superintendent to pursue this, and he has approved this meeting. We have held listening sessions, spoken to groups, brought in outside perspectives, and worked with a SAS coach throughout the year to get to this point.

The basics of it is that we will move to one leadership board that functions as a combination of all the administrative committees of the church. The advantage to this, I believe, is that we can unlock the potential energy that is within Embry Hills UMC. This leadership board will focus on direction and vision and will empower all members of the church to engage in ministry. One of my favorite lines from the book we used as a guideline for this decision is, “Meetings are not ministry.” I’ve already told you how much I like meetings, but I also love getting my hands dirty planting new flower beds o spreading pine straw. Lifting and sorting through boxes of food to give to people who are hungry. I love meeting with people and hearing their stories and being in community together. I believe this shift in leadership structure will enable all of us to do these things we love more effectively, tell the story of Embry Hills UMC to more people, and help live into our mission of planting, growing, and serving our community.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have about this meeting or the structure itself, and I look forward to seeing everyone as soon as I can!



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