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August 23, 2022

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Dear friends,

I have thoroughly enjoyed our One Room Sunday School. I’m one of those rare people who like meetings, particularly church meetings. I like getting together with people, having conversations, and learning together. I like action plans with people who are in a room together. These past few Sundays have been great for me to help me articulate my own United Methodist understanding, as well as have an honest conversation about the current moment we are experiencing in the UMC. There are too many half-truths out there, which I personally think are more harmful than a lie, and it has been good to get together to discuss what the truth of the matter is.

We have talked about the current moment, foundational history, theological distinction, and worldwide mission. In our last session (coming up this Sunday!) we will work together to create an action plan for our own church, to articulate our United Methodist distinction, and what that might mean for our church’s direction. I hope you have had access to the recaps and resources that have been shared through this journey. I hope that even if you do not regularly attend Sunday School that you join us this week, and maybe find a small group in which to join.

Honestly, this has been a lot of work. A lot of things are starting up at our church and in our community. I’ve taken on some new roles including Middle School Girls Frisbee Coach. In addition to this, I’ve signed up for a continuing education cohort that is extremely inconvenient. It is a whole day once a month that completely pulls me away from my work, and my family. Ironically, it is a group doing sabbath together. As more and more gets put into our lives, I am convinced that the sabbath is completely necessary. Sometimes we need to just put it in place and work around it, rather than try and squeeze it in from time to time. I hope everyone does the same, and we keep that in mind as things ramp up around the church and in our lives. To spend time NOT working, and revel in the love of God.



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