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August 22, 2023

Dear friends,

There is a genre of commercial that I absolutely love, and that is infomercials. In my junior year of high school, I was put in charge of marketing our yearbook. So, my friends and I put together a series of infomercials that were broadcast around the school. It was so fun. We used all of the infomercial tropes; the incredulous audience member, the black and white video of someone struggling to use a competitor’s product, celebrity guest (which was our principal, who did not know we were going to ambush film them about the yearbook). These videos became legendary, and I actually included them in my college applications as examples of my creative work.

One of the oft-quoted lines from infomercial tropes is, “But wait! There’s more!” Whenever I find myself with an opportunity to talk about God and our church, that phrase is always in the back of my mind. Because it is impossible to sum up what is going on here in just a few sentences. The way to learn about God is to experience God. There is more than knowing the Bible, going to church, or wearing crosses around our necks. There is so much more to God’s love that no matter how long we have to try and tell someone else of God’s love, we will always have to say, “But wait! There’s more!”

We have gotten to experience so many “new life” things recently at Embry Hills. At the blessing of the backpacks, it was like someone kicked an anthill and children started coming from all over the place. For our Glisson celebration Sunday, we got to see tie-dye all over the sanctuary and understand how deep a connection it is within our church. Then, that evening we got to hear some wonderful music that will help launch our adult mission team into spreading God’s love in another part of our world. We have taken communion together and witnessed baptisms. We have seen visitors and joinings. But wait, there’s more to come. I am excited to continue to find ways to share God’s good news.



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