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August 2, 2022

Dear friends,

I am excited about starting our One Room Sunday School class next Sunday, August 7th! So much has happened over the past few years in the UMC, with a lot of competing sides telling different parts of the story, that we sometimes get lost as to how we got here, and what it all means. As I said in my sermon a few weeks ago, I was a history major in college, and this was one of the main things that we learned. “History” is different than “facts,” as it is the job of the historian to interpret the evidence as gathered, and to weigh the different values of the evidence as well. I think this is also the responsibility of a pastor in a church, and I hope that our time together over the Sundays in August will not only be fun to be together in a larger group but will be enlightening of the situation in the United Methodist Church, as well as our own church.

If you haven’t gotten involved in Sunday School as regularly as you would like, or are new to our church, this could be a great entry point. Our youth and adults will all be together, as the youth will have their own voice in the conversations we are having. We will get to learn from one another and meet new people even if we’ve been to church together for years. I think it is a neat opportunity, and I really hope you will join me.

In preparation, if you would like to submit questions to me about the United Methodist Church, the current splintering going on within the denomination, or anything really related to our church, polity, history, or theology, please go ahead and send those into I can hold my own on the fly, okay, but if I have a little bit of prep I can bring in some outside resources that might be able to help enlighten us even further. I hope you have a great week, and I will see you Sunday!



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