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April 25, 2023

As the new Leadership Structure and Team are meeting and working for the church, we wanted to give the congregation an update on things going on. Below you will see a first-quarter financial report from our Finance Chair, Karen Wheel Carter.

One of the things the team has been working on this year is developing a discipleship path as the priority of the church. Decisions are made keeping this at the forefront of our minds as we talk about buildings, finance, communication, mission, staff… all of it. We want to make sure that in everything we do, we are intentionally making disciples of Jesus Christ, and finding new ways to invite even more people into that journey.

As part of the Leadership Team’s periodic update to the church, we are exploring ways to share the financial reports. These will include quarterly giving, revenue, and expenses. We will also include these numbers for the same period last year for comparison. Additionally, we will share year-to-date information for the capital campaign gifts and expenses.

Today’s update includes the giving receipts, expenses, and revenue to date.

2022 2023

YTD total member giving 118,574 118,666

YTD total revenue 167,313 136,747

YTD total revenue excluding 130,971 132,497

government & BEAT grants

YTD expenses 162,986 176,247

As you may be aware, during the pandemic we, like other businesses, were eligible for some supplemental funds through a governmental grant to subsidize payroll expenses. With these funds were able to avoid a deficit. We plan to closely monitor our giving, revenue, and expenses to mitigate a deficit this year.

Additionally, we wanted to update you on the capital campaign funds collected over the last three (3) years.

Capital Campaign Report

2021 2022 2023

Giving since beginning 98,382 201,502 51,680

Total 351,564

If you have any questions, please get in touch with one of our Leadership Team members. If you would like to attend an upcoming Leadership Team meeting, they are open to all members of the church and the next will be announced shortly.



Leadership Team:

Lance Waller SPR/Chair

Karen Wheel Carter Finance

Jim McGarrah Trustees

John Hepler Serve

Rachel Fullerton Nurture/Discipleship/Programming

Carrie Brown Communications

Andy Strain Preschool, External Schools/Community Groups

Lisa Jones Lay Leader

Judy Campbell Annual Conference Representative

Pete Eisemann will still act as Treasurer.


Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Jordan Thrasher

Office & Building Administrator Laura Briscoe

Finance Administrator Lori Cora

Director of Music Ministry Dottie Hunt

Director of Children & Community Ministries Linda Jimenez-Abrams

Director of Serve Team & Youth Ministries Victoria Stoddard

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