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April 19, 2022

Dear friends,

Now is the time when my, “chickens come home to roost” as the old saying goes. As projects and deadlines have been going on at a pretty steady clip, a few weeks ago I started putting things on pause and telling myself, “I will get back to that after Easter.” Well now it is after Easter, and there is a lot of stuff that I need to pick up again. It’s like whenever I run a long-distance race, all the miles are marked, and that is how I keep time. I look ahead to the next mile marker, and as soon as I pass it, I look for the next one.

But it is my hope, in all of my Lenten preparation, and in my Easter preparation, that I will have changed significantly enough that I now have a new perspective on all of those projects I put on hold. That there is a renewed sense of energy.

The other morning, I got all prepared to ride my bike to the church. I had on the correct clothes, had all of the things I needed from my house, and was all set. Until I remembered that I forgot to charge my bike’s battery the night before. Of course, I COULD still ride it as a regular bike instead of an e-bike, but it is a little heavier than a normal bike because of the motor, and the Henderson Mill hills would make quick work of me. But it got me thinking once again about renewable energy. Even as many of our “power” devices go electric, the batteries still need fuel. This phenomenon of needing to recharge all of our wireless devices makes us think that we, too, need to recharge. That we run on batteries.

Jesus’ death and Resurrection changed all of that. Our faith moved from something that needed to be recharged with sacrifices and trips to the temple became a renewable faith, one that charges itself because Christ defeated the drain on our life, death. So while many of my problems before and after Easter Sunday are still there, the change that occurs for me this year is that I no longer need to recharge for them, but know that I have a deep wellspring of life present in Jesus Christ that never runs dry. My capacity continues to grow, because Christ is Risen, He is Risen indeed.



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