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April 12, 2022

Dear friends,

It is Holy Week. Holy literally means, set apart, and this is a whole week set apart to understand what Easter means for us, in our present circumstances. It is not only a remembrance of Jesus' Crucifixion and Resurrection, but it is a reliving it for today’s times. To feel the impact of that Good News among all the other news we hear.

But, like with many things, Holy Week has become one thing among many. School is still happening. Practices and sports are still happening. You sometimes hear people complain, is nothing sacred anymore? And the answer is, yes, at least as far as the wider culture is concerned. A week that is to be set apart has become a week like any other, just probably higher attendance on Sunday with really great music (which we will have!)

There is an old hymn that speaks to this. It's called “Take Time to Be Holy.” Set time apart this week. It can be in the church with our Tenebrae service, or in another way, but take time to be holy. Say no to some things. Reflect on your fasting practices during Lent. Because it is Holy Week for us who follow Christ. It should look like it. And my hope when someone notices that this week is Holy for us, they see how much we love one another.



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