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Mark & Mickee Wyatt


Soon after our move from Texas, Embry Hills UMC was our church from the first visit some eight years ago. We were warmly welcomed into the Joyful Sunday School class. This class consists of active folks who support, financially and with personal involvement,  many of the outreach ministries of the church, such as Snax Sax for kids, Trinity Sunday, Men’s Bar-be-que, Preschool/Kindergarten to name a few.  Mark was delighted to be accepted as a “rookie” Craftsman, and has enjoyed the camaraderie and the sense of purpose experienced in participating in that ministry. Mickee has been involved in helping with various UMW projects. We are constantly amazed at the number of people we meet who have been touched in some way by EHUMC and its members.   

This beloved building which serves as the worship center for hundreds of people has been in place since the 1970s. Even with routine maintenance, the physical plant and parking areas are again in need of restoration, improvements, and renovation. Doing so will make our campus more attractive and will better serve the needs of the community.    

The Finance Committee Capital Campaign is from March 27 to May 1. The objective is to secure funds to meet the many needs that you will be hearing and reading about in the days ahead. We appeal to members of EHUMC to join us in giving thanks for the many ways that this church has loved, and ministered to thousands of God’s children over the years.

Let us all be generous in supporting the efforts in keeping up the good work that was started fifty plus years ago.

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