Welcome to the EHUMC Children’s Ministries Blog!

This Blog is one part of the programs offered by the church for kids and families!
Each month, we focus on a different THEME and VERSE.

The monthly rotation of Specials is as follows and can be found by clicking on the BLOG button above:


  • 1st Week of the Month - "Bedtime Stories with Ms. Judy"
    Ms. Judy handpicks the perfect story to go with our bible verses and reinforces our monthly themes and helps you wind down and get ready for bedtime!

  • 2nd Week of the Month - "Signing with Friends"
    Ms. Charlene teaches the bible verse and sign language to help kids learn the verse and communicate with ASL!

  • Periodically  - "Crafts with Ms. Christie"
    Ms. Christie teaches you how to do a special craft about the verse or theme to help you be creative and use your imagination to learn!

  •  Periodically -  "Science & Faith with Ms. Catherine"
    Ms. Catherine will conduct fun Science Experiments to reinforce the theme or verse and help you learn about our world!

We look forward to seeing you and your kiddos! Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns!