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Elaine & Pete Eisemann


Finding our way to Embry Hills United Methodist Church was simple. Our first Atlanta residence was in the condominiums (apartments at that time) immediately adjacent to Embry Hill’s back parking lot. Staying here was just as easy. We quickly discovered a community that nurtured our faith and the faith of our two daughters as they journeyed from infancy and pre-school through maturity. We found meaningful worship, learning, role models, supportive friends, and opportunities to serve our community. We moved twice since we found Embry Hills but each time, we made sure we were close enough to continue to be a part of the Church. Frankly, we cannot imagine being separated from the Church. If we were to list the assets in our life, Embry Hills United Methodist Church would be prominent on that list. Supporting the Church financially has never been a chore. We have been so blessed by the Church that we have been glad to give generously with our time and our financial resources. The Capital Campaign is critical to our Church’s future, and we are happy to support the Campaign.

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