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Youth Lead Time on StepsIf you’re interested in serving in a position on the Youth Ministry Leadership Team (YMLT), please read over these descriptions of the positions. There are a couple of basic requirements to serve on YMLT. You must be present at the monthly meetings, held the final Sunday of every month from 12:15-1:45. You must also be willing to put in the extra time to fulfill your job requirements and do your job effectively. You are an integral part of the Youth Ministry at Embry Hills and should take your position seriously. Finally, you must complete the application and turn it in if you wish to be considered and nominated for any positions.


The Co-Presidents must work together to lead by action and example. Their commitment to the youth ministry or our church should be far above average, reflected in the tangible commitment of presence, gifts, and service to the activities of the group. They should work to encourage and inspire the other youth in the group and provide a model of active involvement. They should also be people whose commitment to Christ should be reflected in the way they live their lives.

Specific responsibilities and qualifications:

  • must have completed their 9th grade year
  • be present at Youth Fellowship and other regular youth activities at least 75 percent of the time
  • preside over YMLT meetings
  • lead time of joys and concerns on Sunday nights
  • provide leadership in planning, organizing, and leading special events
  • meet with the youth minister once a month for a planning meeting
  • recruit teams of volunteers when necessary

Hospitality Chair:

  • coordinate system of welcoming new members into the group
  • gather mailing list info from visitors and submit to communications committee
  • produce updated directory
  • compile visitor information on a regular basis and distribute to the leadership team for correspondence
  • lead by example in welcoming visitors and finding ways to reach out to them so that they feel welcome and want to return

Young Man teaching VBS

Missions Chair:

  • develop monthly service opportunities
  • gather resources on community service opportunities
  • plan one program per quarter as a mission night
  • coordinate mission trip planning with the youth minister
  • coordinate Home Bound adoption visitation and activities with youth minister
  • help plan 30 Hour Famine activities and fundraising

Communications Chair:

  • assist youth minister with monthly calendar
  • maintain bulletin boards
  • be “official photographer” for all youth events
  • work with hospitality chair to maintain mailing list and directory

Programming/Retreats Chair:

  • get planning teams together for all retreats
  • brainstorm ideas for locations and themes for retreats
  • assist youth minister in planning and coordinating retreats
  • contribute ideas for programs that are new and relevant
  • help delegate youth to lead in youth led Sundays and programs

Young man helping at VBS

Fundraising Chair:

  • assist in planning all youth fundraisers, specifically to raise money for summer camp
  • brainstorm ideas for such fundraisers
  • assist with publicity for fundraisers
  • work with Missions Chair in planning and coordinating fundraisers

Recreation Chair:

  • plan games for Youth Fellowship every week
  • lead all games at Youth Fellowship or delegate other youth to lead games in advance
  • be prepared to assist in planning and leading recreation for retreats and other youth activities
  • compile a filing system for all games, including a brief description of each (this will make things much easier in the future)

Worship Chair:

  • help to coordinate Sunday evening closing worship
  • work along side the Youth Praise Band to coordinate music
  • brainstorm new and creative ways for us to worship combining music, media, the focus for the month, and other ideas