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Embry Hills Youth Counselor Program

Youth and counselorAre you looking for a tiring, challenging, fantastic, wonderful, never-dull opportunity to help some amazing youth do some amazing things? Well look no further, have we got an offer for you!

EHUMYF Youth Counselors are vital to the Student Ministry at Embry Hills UMC. As a youth counselor, you are responding to the call of service in the church community by investing in the lives of the youth in the church. It is your faithful participation in the ministry by your prayers, presence, gifts and service that drive the ministry.

This following description is an outline of the major commitments and responsibilities one might expect to fulfill as a youth counselor. While this list is not exhaustive, it’s a good start. The main thing is that we work as a team for the good of the youth and the ministry.

The Role of the Counselor

Volunteering to be a youth counselor entails your commitment to fulfill these expectations to the best of your ability:

  • Active, regular involvement in worship, in giving and pledging as an active member as stated clearly in The Book of Discipline of the UMC ¶217
  • Active, regular involvement in youth programs and activities (see below), including full participation in all activities while at YF (singing, worship, programming, playing games, listening to announcements, etc.)
  • Modeling Christian faith and behavior as examples for the youth
  • Learning and using the names of the youth
  • Leading small group discussions and activities at YF
  • Intentional outreach to all youth, particularly visitors or those not fully integrated into the group
  • Demonstrating and supporting an appropriate balance between freedom and limits, disciplining when appropriate
  • Participate in program developing for Sunday night YF
  • Talking with youth about your faith and theirs
  • A desire to improve constantly as a counselor
  • Pray—for the youth, for the ministry, for each other…just PRAY!

Other opportunties

The expectation above largely focus on our Sunday night fellowship time. If you are interested in additional opportunities to build Christ-centered relationships with the youth you can:

  • Lead a short-term, small group discussion group (this could take the form of a Sunday school teacher, a mid-week discussion group, or a mentoring relationship)
  • Provide leadership to a specific event that utilizes your special talents (for example, do a one-time leadership on a specific topic, or participate in a specific event based on your interests)
  • Support the youth outside YF by attending games, concerts, etc.
  • Be available to youth during the week and occasionally check in with the youth by making phone calls, and/or emails
  • Go on the major trips each year (retreats, mission trips, etc.)
  • Provide hospitality to the youth through preparing dinners, helping with special events set-up and break down, and chaperoning events

Options for Time Commitment

Understanding that student ministry is a time-investment endeavor, there are two options counselors have for committing their time and energy to the program:

  • Regular (“full-time”) counselors will participate in all YF activities regularly. They will come to YF on Sunday nights and occasionally participate in mid-week and Saturday activities. They will lead programs and worship on Sunday nights. They will be available as drivers if needed. It will be assumed that all regular counselors will make it to YF unless they let the youth minister know otherwise.
  • Semi-Regular (“part-time”) counselors basically have the same role as regular counselors. They have a specific time commitment for YF (e.g. every other Sunday night) and still help with leadership, coming to activities other than YF whenever possible.