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Banner in KidztownIn 1990, Rev. Neil MacQueen and Melissa Armstrong-Hansche, staff members at the Barrington Presbyterian Church in Barrington, Illinois, created what became known as the Workshop Rotation Model® for Sunday school. The model soon spread beyond the Chicago area to churches across the country. A wide number of denominations now use the Workshop Rotation Model® and PowerXpress!® is the name that Cokesbury, a Methodist Publishing company, gave their version.

Rotational learning is exciting for students and teachers alike, as teachers teach to their strengths and students experience Bible stories in ways they learn best. In a rotational setting, the same Bible story or theme is taught for several weeks. Each week, learners rotate to a different station. The story remains the same, but children encounter it in different ways in each station. Ideally, the list of stories and topics to be taught are designed for those who attend church on a regular basis, attending from Kindergarten all the way through 5th grade. If a child were to begin attending KidzTown in September the year he/she begins Kindergarten, he/she will have been exposed to most of the major stories/topics of the Bible by the time he/she has reached 5th grade.

Children in Sunday SchoolKidzTown is made up of several different room designed to teach the stations: KidzTown Cinema, Art Room, a computer room called KidzTown Connection, KidzTown Library, and we use the Family Life Center for Cooking Station. The more different ways children explore a story or concept, the more it is reinforced in their memories. The variety of experiences keeps interest high throughout the unit. Teachers teach the same lesson, with age-level adjustments, for the length of the rotation. Also, teachers are able to teach all ages and still have time to be involved members in their own adult Sunday school classes, our template has teachers teach 2 weeks and then be off for 4 weeks.

Rotation Schedule Template

Week of Rotation Station Age
1 Drama Kindergarten-1st Grade (K-1)
Cooking 2nd Grade-3rd Grade (2-3)
2 Cooking K1
Drama 2-3
3 Art K1
Movies 2-3
4 Movies K1
Art 2-3
5 Science K1
Computer 2-3
6 Computer K1
Science 2-3