Welcome to KidzTown!

InfantThe Children’s Ministry here at EHUMC is called KidzTown Ministries and we are excited to welcome you and your children! So what is KidzTown? KidzTown is a unique set of meaningful and relevant ministries designed to help you and your family to connect to God and one another.

  • KidzTown, is not just about making sure kids learn Bible stories, though they do.
  • KidzTown is not just about instilling values and morals in the next generation, though it does.
  • KidzTown is not just about having somewhere fun and safe for your children to go where they will make friends and feel loved, though they will.
  • KidzTown is a ministry that does all those things, but most importantly our hope is to partner with you. We seek to join you as you inspire and empower the children in your life to begin the lifelong journey of walking with God.

[tagline_box title=”Our Mission” description=”Our mission is to teach the children in our midst, in all we say and do, what it means to act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with God for their whole lives (Micah 6:8).”][/tagline_box]

Newborn to 3 Years: The Nursery is your child’s first experience with KidzTown and we want it to be a positive one. Our dedicated staff and volunteers provide loving childcare for children infants to age 3 during all worship services and other special events. Our goal is to reflect the love of God to your child from the very first visit as an infant.

IFPre-K – 3rd Grade: Kids Own Worship, hands-on Sunday School lessons, Easter Egg Hunts, Prayer Partners, A Night in Bethlehem, Vacation Bible School and much, much more…It’s tiring and energizing to think of all the wonderful children’s activities at EHUMC.


4th and 5th Grade: Club 45 is designed to help bridge the gap between children’s ministry and youth ministry by offering a specifically designed ministry to meet the distinctive needs of preteens. Activities include Choir and Handbells, Sunday School, Wednesday Night Fellowship, and varied service projects.
We just love all the activities for kids at Embry Hills. The staff and all the wonderful volunteers educate our children about the Bible in a nurturing and entertaining way. Our children can’t wait to get to Sunday School each week! — Julie G.

Ten Benefits of KidzTown for families…

Smiling children having fun10. It is something fun to do!

9. It allows children to practice reading and speaking in public. Having kids read scripture in Sunday school and church, helps them learn to read. The same is true for talking in public. This is a much less intimidating process in a small group.

8.It allows for age-graded instruction.

7. It accommodates the unique educational needs of children.

6. It allows kids to make friends with adult volunteers in safe context. (See the EHUMC Safe Sanctuary policies for more information on our safety measures.

5. It helps kids make new friends.

4. It provides families with meaningful shared experiences.

3. It supports parents in the big job of raising little ones.

2. It helps kids make sense out of life.

1. It helps kids learn to love others as a way of life.

Embry Hills United Methodist Church is a safe sanctuary congregation. The church takes the safety of children and youth seriously and thus any staff member of volunteer who works with children, youth, elderly, or vulnerable adults must be trained in our Safe Sanctuary policy and must be willing to submit to a background check. Classes are offered in the fall; classes and background checks are provided at no cost to staff and volunteers. Please contact Susannah Bales, Director of Nurture and Children’s Ministries at for additional information.