Frequently asked questions when planning your first visit:


What should I wear?

We believe that it is much more important to be dressed on the inside than on the outside. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Most members wear ‘business casual’, khakis, open collar shirts, few ties, dresses and skirt. Some members do wear ties and there are a few jackets and suits to be seen. But jeans are not uncommon either. (We’ve actually seen gladiator uniforms, togas, a pig costume, a fly costume and lots of choir robes…you never can tell, so just show up!)


Where should I park?

It depends on which service or activity you plan to attend! The early service is in the Chapel, which is in the center of the building. So park in front or in back and head for the center doors.
Sunday School classes are primarily in the Annex, which is on the right side of the complex when viewed from Henderson Mill Road (the front!). The best entrance for Sunday School is on the right side and the best parking is in back on the right side.

The 11am Service (and most special services such as Ash Wednesday, Christmas, etc) is held in the main sanctuary, which is located on the left side of the complex. Best parking is in the rear on the left side.

Of course, if you’re just not sure, park anywhere, come in any door and ask! We’re friendly.

For more information on these services, keep reading!


Which service should I attend?

Here at EHUMC we offer a variety of worship experiences – each one is unique and special.
Do you love the organ and a traditional choir? You might want to try our Sanctuary Worship Service at 11 a.m.

Do you prefer a more intimate setting, a few cantors and a piano? Our early service at 8:45 may be your cup of tea.

Want to find a small group of folks who really care for one another and offer a great sense of community and belonging? Then try out our Sunday School classes and find one that fits your needs. We have special classes for toddlers, children, middle schoolers, youth and adults. We even do a Pet Blessing each year (but don’t have a special class for them and so we don’t really encourage bringing Rover and Fluffy to church each week!)


Where do I take my children?

Oh my goodness! Welcome to Kidztown!
Kidztown activities are almost exclusively centered in the Learning Annex located on the right side of the complex. The main door to the Annex is in the center of the building under the driveway awning. (Seriously, enter on the right side of the Church from Henderson Mill, drive towards the back, and you can’t miss it!)

Childcare is provide for children birth-age 2 during all morning worship services and Sunday School in our Nursery Area located on the lower level of the Annex.

PreK children through 3rd grade are welcome to attend Sunday School in room 312 on the first floor of the Annex.

Club 45 for 4th and 5th graders meet in room 213 in the Annex.

The best thing to remember is this: In the main entrance to the Annex, there is a coffee pot with coffee (and hot water for tea) and there is almost always someone there just before Sunday School. Just enter, say “Hello”, grab a cup of coffee and ask for directions. (both directions and coffee are freely and glady given.)

During the 11am service, PreK children through 3rd grade are welcome to attend “Extended Session”, a supervised learning and activity program.

For more information about Children’s Ministry at EHUMC, please visit our Kidztown page.


What should I bring?

Your family. A friend. A smile. A concern. A hope. A prayer. A question. A Bible. Empty hands. Helping hands. Praying hands. Hands holding other hands.
In other words, you don’t need to bring anything but yourself.