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[tagline_box title=”In addition to the service and involvement of members and volunteers, our Church and good works need financial support as well.”][/tagline_box]

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Donation Basket“During this season of stewardship, we are learning about all of the many wonderful ministries that Embry Hills has for our community. Supporting these ministries is so important to the life of our church. We have programs for children to learn about how to use the bible, and to learn about worship; we have programs for youth which teach about service, and justice ministries, as well as how to connect to people in the community; we have programs for adults to connect with one another in ways from construction with the craftsmen, to knitting and quilting, there are bible studies and Sunday School classes that operate every week, and worship services.

Supporting these ministries is so important to the life of our church.

This church is growing, and it needs people to sacrifice to it. Not in unhealthy ways, but in healthy ones. If you have resources that are not necessary for you to live, consider offering them. If you have time that you are not using to care for your family or to work, consider spending some time with us at one or two of our programs. If you find yourself in prayer often, consider joining the prayer chain or partnering with a young person in our congregation. If you are way too busy or you are struggling to make ends meet, though; please do not feel pressure to offer something that you cannot give.”

— Patrick Faulhaber in his sermon at EHUMC on November 11, 2012

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Click the “Donate” button below to support of EHUMC and its many missions, ministries and activities with your financial contribution.